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Al Mohtaseb Heba Saleh Ishaq

Procurement Officer in Joint Procurement Department

I have got the international master degree in public procurement management (IMPPM) from Tor vergata university/Rome in 2015 followed by the legalizations required in my country, Jordan. It was a very important step in my life. This master helped me to get higher degrees in my career scale faster than my colleagues, so for me it shortened the time & effort to improve.

I have got my B.S in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Petra University/Jordan. Since graduation, I worked in private sector in different pharmaceutical fields were I got my experience. In 2009,  I had the opportunity to work as a Procurement Officer in Joint Procurement Department - JPD (Amman/Jordan). My department is a centralized purchasing body specialized in purchasing drugs & medical devices at a national level.

This master enriched my knowledge, especially that I was chosen after my promotion  to get an intensive training in leadership capacity building program  for Empowering the women in civil services to reach leadership positions which I hope to achieve also Insha  Allah.

International master of public procurement management program was designed to suite public employees like me to participate and get this specialized degree in public procurement.

Thanks to this program, I’m just one step to get my PhD degree.