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Enrollment Procedure

The process for enrolment involves the following steps:

1. After candidates have received their letters of acceptance, they will be advised to immediately contact the nearest Italian Diplomatic Authority and begin the process of obtaining a Declaration of Value. This process requires the translation into Italian of the candidates’ university transcripts and can take several weeks, therefore students are advised to apply for a DV as soon as possible. Students will only be admitted for enrolment if they have submitted their original DV no later than 30 days after the beginning of classes. Students who have earned their degree in an Italian university are exempt from this procedure.

2. Non-EU citizens should also make an appointment at an Italian Diplomatic Authority to apply for a visa, which will enable students to reside in Italy for the duration of the lectures in Rome.

3. Prior to arrival in Italy, it will be necessary for foreign students to decide which kind of student housing they prefer while living in Rome.

4. Prior to arrival in Italy, students will be requested to send an E-mail to the Master Secretariat ( with a scanned copy of the DV, any relevant translations and their visa. Upon arrival in Rome, students will be requested to submit the original DV to the Master Secretariat.

Code of Conduct 2019/20