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Applicants must upload a scanned copy of their original university diplomas. These documents have to be uploaded in a single PDF file.
Applicants must upload a signed and dated self-certification stating the type of university degrees earned, the institutions where such degrees have been earned and the final marks obtained specifying the highest possible mark (e.g. 105/110). Please also specify for each degree earned the enrollment and completion dates together with the official duration of the program.
For your convenience, please download a sample university diploma certification form here.

Only for candidates that hold a foreign university degree, after they have received their letters of acceptance, they should contact the nearest Italian Diplomatic Authority and begin the process of obtaining a Declaration of Value.
In no more than 500 words the candidate shall illustrate why she/he wants to enroll in the IMPPM program and why she/he thinks the program could enhanche her/his career
This letter should include details regarding the person who is recommending the candidate, her/his connections with her/him and the reasons why she/he thinks the candidate deserves to be admitted in the program.
Italian citizens may just send a copy of their identification card.

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