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Szekeres Elvira

Project coordinator Waterworks and Severage (EBRD Project) in Vojvodina, Serbia

She has studied in the United States of America and Hungary, and has obtained a degree in European Economics and Business at the University of Economics Serbia. She already has 10 years of experience in project management with the implementation of water and sewerage infrastructure projects in Vojvodina which were financed by international finance organizations European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Delegation of the European Committee, Western Balkan funds and other sources. Her background covers successful budget planning, experience in all aspects of water related infrastructure project realization, contract and procurement procedure implementation for works, goods and services (according to the rules and policies of EBRD, PRAG and Serbian procurement guidelines). She obtains high knowledge of international and domestic finance law, knowledge of the tax law in the domain of VAT exemption for projects financed by EU and disbursement procedure policies. She was also a stagiare in the European Parliament in Brussels where she was introduced to the challenges of funding possibilities, changes in procurement regulation issues for the integration of countries in transition.

Her recent activities include the construction of a water treatment plant which financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the implementation is according to FIDIC building Contract regulation policies.