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Seif Edine Mohamad

Directorate of Budget and Expenditures Control

My career began in 2004 as a Tax Auditor (VAT Directorate - Audit Field) at the Lebanese Ministry of Finance. In that role I was responsible for the evaluation of private companies Financial Systems to ensure their full alignment with local tax laws and regulations. Principles and practices of accounting, such as internal controls and record keeping were used to accomplish this.
In 2008, I was promoted to the position of Expenditures Controller (head of department) at the Directorate of Budget and Expenditures Control. Expenditures Control is a comprehensive approach to promote sound fiscal management by addressing the problem of deficit spending. It is exercised on behalf of the Minister of Finance in the various ministries by the Expenditures Controllers. In the various ministries, for any transaction that results in expenditure, the Controller must ensure the availability of appropriations and the compliance of operations with laws and regulations.
For the purpose of enriching my professional experience, I have attended in the last few years several workshops and courses inside and outside Lebanon with the following Organizations:
- "International Monetary Fund (IMF)" in the subjects of: Fiscal Institutions & Fiscal Discipline, Budget Execution and Cash Management, Macroeconomic Management and Financial Sector Issues, Value Added Tax Policy and Administration.
- "The World Bank" in the subject of: Control, Audit and Inspection.
- "The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)" in the subject of: Public Procurement for Better Public Funds Management.
- "Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS)" in the subject of: Training of Trainer (ToT) Program for the Certified Public Procurement Course.
- "The Ministry of Finance of Quebec" in the field of: Budget Process.
- "Ecole Nationale D'Administration (ENA)" in the subject of: Public Procurement.
- "Arab Planning Institute (Kuwait)" in the subject of: Training of Trainer (ToT) program, Feasibility of the Planning and Management of Projects and Programs.
- "The Institute of Finance (Basel Fuleihan Institute)" in the subjects of: Public Procurement, Audit & Control, Taxation, IT, English and French Languages.

Academically, I hold the following Certificates:
- BA degree in Business Administration (Management & Marketing) from the Lebanese University (Beirut, Lebanon).
- Diploma in Graduate Studies in Business Administration (Public Finance) from Beirut Arab University (Beirut, Lebanon).
- Master Degree in Public Administration from Quebec University - ENAP (Quebec, Canada).
- Doctorate Degree in Business Administration (International Business Management) from Lydon University (United States of America).
- International Master Degree in Public Procurement Management (2015 is the expected end date) from University of Rome “Tor Vergata” (Rome, Italy).
As an Expenditures Controller, I deal every day with all kinds of public procurement. Our public procurement systems need reformation and improvement, both to ensure a level playing field for potential suppliers and to increase overall value of money. As a member of the team working on the reforms of our National Public Procurement System, and after attending the "International Master in Public Procurement Management" at Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata", I have developed my knowledge in the entire procurement cycle, from needs assessment to contract management, which is helping me to ensure efficient and effective management of our public resources.
Furthermore, attending the lectures of International Master in Public Procurement Management was the main incentive to follow a PhD in Public Finance at Jinan University in Lebanon with the expectation to finish this degree in 2017. This International Master will be the main reference for my thesis entitled “Public Procurement Management in Lebanon”.