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Vučković Davor

Republic of Srpska Motorways

I have been employed at Public Company “Republic of Srpska Motorways” as Engineer for Technical Control since January 2010. My company is in charge for Management of all Motorways in my Country which includes designing,construction and maintenance. Beside above mentioned description of the Works, Public Procurement is one of our main activities. From 2012, I have been awarded with position of Project Manager for Motorway Prnjavor-Doboj in length of 36 km. Project has been funded by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. This position covers procurement, loan management, reporting functions in a manner satisfactory to EBRD, as well as management for civil works and all other works necessary for implementation of the Project. I am sure acquirements learned through this Master Programme would strongly enrich my future experience in area of Procurement and also would considerably contribute to the development of my Company. Gained new experiences will also improve my skills and broaden my knowledge which will significantly contribute to successful implementation of international Projects in the future. Last but not the least, I am very curious about different approaches in Procurement process in all other Countries, from which my Company will have enormous benefit. During my studies at the university and later during my work I have been steadily developing personal communications skills as well as my knowledge throughout numerous conferences and trainings. I also participated in many international and regional scientific conferences.