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Girbu Gheorghe

Chief of Procurement service

I got a master degree in International Economic Relations in Moldova, at the Academy of Economics Study. Such an experience has led me to appreciate the values of education and therefore suggested me to continue studying. I believe that the IMPPM offers a perfect opportunity to improve my knowledge which is reflected in my current field of work.

After getting my degree,  I worked in USA in an Internship program for 18 months and this period helped me to better understand and realise my capabilities as a good communicator and team worker with an interest in my work and ambition to succeed. 

I am currently working as head of the IFI contracts Procurement Section in the Moldovan State Road Administration. In this regard, the opportunity provided by your Master Degree Program would definitely help me to better perform my work and, in a broader perspective, it will help me to advance my career and achieve my goals.

The reason why I applied is grounded on the wish to learn about Public Procurement Management from a different perspective.  I also believe that such a master program will help me to understand the international dimension of Procurement. Finally, the internship provided by the IMPPM master represents a great opportunity for getting experiences on procurement management related issues.