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Alshibani Goma Ali M.

Alshibani Libya-Ministry of Transportation and Marine Services-planning and logistics department

I was born in Tripoli in 1961; I obtained the Bachelor Degree of Sciences in Mathematics from the University of Tripoli during the academic year of 1987-1988. I was hired by The Ministry of Transportation in 1989 as researcher Assistant at the Department of Projects and Researches. I was appointed to Direct different positions and duties, such as, the Director of Researches and Studies Department, Documentation Department at the Sectarian Centre of Information and Documentation in the ministry, and since 2004 until present I hold the position of Secretary of Tender Offers Committee, which is responsible for presenting and handling the projects and tenders related to constructional works of roads, bridges, ports, airports, metrology activities, and the entire transportation facilities in all Libyan Territory, and the importation of the related technologies of the same. As part of my job I have attended several training courses, conferences, seminars related to the sector, and I am candidate to go for further studies, and I am so passionate to work harder in the coming courses, in order to fulfill my academic objectives and transfer several ideas in mind to be a material fact in the ground to develop the infrastructure of Libya in specific, and to conduct others abroad if possible. All in all, I feel that I am capable enough to gain remarkable profit by attending this course.