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Getting the Degree


This document includes the complete list of the IMPPM classes attended, the individual grades from each class and the final grade of the master program; a scanned copy is usually sent to all IMPPM students by e-mail within 2 months following the defense of the final dissertation. It is written in English and signed by the Director of the International Master in Public Procurement Management. This certificate is not valid for equivalency purposes.


This document confirms the completion of the IMPPM program, it is written in Italian, does not include grades nor list of exams, it is printed in large format on parchment paper (size cm 32x43) and signed by the Rector of the University of Rome Tor Vergata and by the Director of the Master. The Diploma on parchment is valid abroad.

THE DIPLOMA CEREMONY usually takes place in the framework of the Alumni Workshop on Contemporary Issues in Procurement Practice.
Students who need to receive the diploma before or after the Ceremony takes place must liaise with IMPPM Secretariat on DHL shipment details, which will be totally at the recipient expenses.


Students who need the detailed certificate valid abroad, must request it to the Secretary Office for Masters and Specialization Courses. The request is in Italian language and must be presented to the Masters Students Help Desk on the ground floor of Building B (research) along with 2 Italian duty stamps of € 16,00 each. For this reason, we highly recommend to liaise with IMPPM office on how to apply for this certificate DURING THE IN-CLASS PERIOD IN ROME.

Please note that students qualify to receive a final diploma certificate if they have:

• submitted their Declaration of Value which indicates that their university degree enables them to enrol in the IMPPM program;
• fully paid the tuition fee and any applicable diploma fee;
• successfully completed all phases of the IMPPM program including: e-learning, lecture modules, internship and final dissertation.