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Mbarek, Bessem

Director at the Tunisian Ministry of Economy and Planning

My name is Bessem Mbarek, I am 45 years old, married and I have 2 children. I am a director at the Tunisian Ministry of Economy and Planning. I am in charge of the cooperation with the EBRD and the EIB. Previously, I was deputy director for foreign procurement at the Ministry of Defence. I’m a member of Abderrahmen Mami Hospital of Pneumo-Phtisiology board and since June 2021 I have been appointed as accountant of the European-Tunisian program P3AI.

In addition to be responsible for a number of tasks related to the public projects and technical assistance (financed by the EIB and the EBRD) monitoring, I have recently joined the high performance working team dedicated to finding appropriate and effective solutions to simplify and facilitate public projects implementation. Indeed, according to a recent EBRD’s study, complexity and length of public procurement procedures have been identified among the main sources of frequent delay recorded in the public projects implementation. For that reason, the IMMPM program is an excellent opportunity to acquire an in-depth understanding of current issues related to the public procurement and to contribute effectively to the high performance working team’s assignment.

The IMMPM is also the culmination of more than 18 years of academic and training experience devoted to public management and good governance: Master degree in public (Law and Economics School- Tunis), Public Services Counsellor (ENA-Tunis-Paris), Master of Public Administration (Dubai school of Government – UAE), Diploma in democratic transition (LaSapienza University –Italy)