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El Barraj Omar

Engineer Technical Head/IT, Central Tender Board at the Central Inspection Board under the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Lebanon

I am a computer and communication engineer with a Master 2 degree in telecommunications.

Being part of the public sector since 2009 allowed me to know that there is a lot of places where we can control the public expenditure. My current job in the Central Tender Board since 2014 proved to me that the public procurement is critical for accountability of public expenditure and supports good governance, and it assists with economic and social development and public trust in government. And this makes the International Master in Public Procurement Management (IMPPM) very important for me to be aware of all the public procurement life cycle. My main tasks at the Central Tender Board comprise in addition to the ICT responsibilities (namely support, assistance, and troubleshooting), are:

  • Auditing of tender documents received from different ministries in Lebanon for all types of procurement whether goods, works, or services. •Preparing the yearly report of the Administration. •Participating in the national and international trainings during the process of the public procurement reform and modernization in Lebanon (trainings, seminars, conferences, study tours etc.) •Applying new acquired information in the tendering process and during the auditing of tender documents. •Accompanying the work of the Central Tender Board to prepare for the transition phase to become the new procurement regulatory authority as foreseen by the new Public Procurement Law 244/2021.

This master will be for sure my gateway for my professional upgrading by adding some new flavor to my ICT education by following the digital transformation of Public Procurement. I hope that later on I could mix both the ICT and procurement flavors by doing a PhD in smart public procurement accordingly with Information and Communication Technology related fields such as Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic process automation, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Big data etc. This will allow me also to contribute in my organizational and national development and reforms in public procurement specially after executing the new Public Procurement Law and in light of the National Strategy for Public Procurement Reform lunched in January 20, 2022.

Thanks for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and for Tor Vergata’s University of Rome for this amazing, fruitful and exceptional opportunity.