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Al Shoubaki Eman Taha

Procurement officer at the Government Procurement Department (GPD), Amman – Jordan

Born in December 1981 in Amman, Jordan, And graduated from Mu'ta University, Jordan2002-2003 with a Bachelor degree in Computer science. having Microsoft certificate at (MCTS,MCP) / Website design and development which use (,, in (2009).


  • Worked at ADDAX Programming Company ( 2004-2009). My job was programming using oracle (data base), C-language, V.B –language Being a member in team work.
  • Worked at (CTS) Company (2009-2010) on CBT Zone project which includes producing learning CDs e.g(programming Languages my job was to confirmation about the included information, graphic design ,Network….etc my job was to filter the sound included using special programs for it )
  • Worked as a substitute teacher in the Ministry of Education (about 2 years) where I taught computer courses to students in grades (7-10).
  • Worked as a substitute teacher (Education for Syrian refugees) in the Ministry of Education (about 4 years) (2014-2018) where I taught computer courses to students in grades (7-10) and taught other subjects to (4-5) grades like science, maths. I was responsible for MOE.GOV.JO for my school.
  • Procurement officer at Government Procurement Department/ Ministry of Finance since 2018 till now
    • Worked as a Procurement officer in Medical Regiments Section.
    • Working as a Procurement officer in Stationary and Contracts Section, this section is related to the purchase of supplies (Books Furniture Prints Stationery) and services and agreements in periodic contracts (cleaning services, insurance contracts, consulting services).


  • Seeking a suitable position where I can practice the knowledge and skills I have acquired through my academic study. I have the ability to keep learning and training to achieve the goals and targets which the company aims to so that I joined to the TorVergata University in IMPPM PROGRAM at the department of Economics and finance.
  • to get a strong and effective base in procurement strategies to improve my job position
  • Get to know and engage with different cultures that this master's program offers