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Rentsenreebuu Bolormaa

Lawyer at Capital City Governor's Office - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

I am in charge of financial and economic law issues such as procurement, tax, bond, concession, PPP, property etc in the Legal Department.   

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Law in 2002, a Master of Arts in Law in 2010 in Ulaanbaatar, and a Master of Urban Administration and Planning at the University of Seoul, South Korea, 2019.  

My job experience:

  • Assistant attorney, attorney at a law firm, 2003-2007; 
  • Researcher of the Civil and Economic Law Sector in the National Legal Institute, 2007-2013; 
  • Lawyer at Capital City Governor's Office since 2013. 

Also, I have 18 years of experience as a lawyer, including six years in the procurement of goods, works, and services. My responsibilities during the procurements:

  • Work as a member of the Evaluation Committee;
  • Conduct the contract negotiations with the nominated organizations; 
  • Check the consistency of the contract etc.

I have chosen IMPPM to learn more about international public procurement and best practices. I hope this program will improve my experience and it will have an effective impact on my work.