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Ahmad Ra├Ęda

Technical Auditor in Government Procurement Department (GPD), Ministry of Finance, Jordan

I was born in Jordan in July 1975 in Amman, Jordan. I has a Bachelor's Degree in pharmacy from The University of Jordan in 1998.I had worked at private sector for many years as ahead of retail pharmacist, then I had been a chief pharmacist in Jordan Red Crescent Hospital, which had a big impact on my experience in drug purchases. I had started my career in the public field in 2016, l have been hired at GPD as a Technical Auditor in drug section and also I had worked as a procurement officer in the drug department for five months. Currently I am auditing bids for two sections, drugs and medical consumables sections l am dealing with bids for different health sectors in my country                                                                                             

I have many training courses in the field of medicine, and attended many conferences and I have many certificates especially in pharmaco Economics from Ispor _Jordan, The Regional center for Disease control and Prevention

Being accepted at Tor Vergata University in IMPPM Master program is a great addition  to my career. Iam looking forward to learn more new perspectives to global extent procurement management, which I believe it will give me a big impact on my career. I believe I will build a new friendships and learn more about new cultures, in addition I believe I can implement and reflect more information on the ground that can help to improve our Procurement procedures development. I seek challenging beneficial position within a dynamic environment and grow up with updates and prove to be an asset in my line of work in the public procurement management, and to be a team assistant for the improvement of this field in my department and my country