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Islam Md Nurul

Procurement Specialist, Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority, Information and Communication Division, Ministry of Post, Telecommunication and Information Technology, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Mr. Islam has more than 15 years of sole experience in public procurement management in Afghanistan and Bangladesh as International Procurement Adviser, International Procurement Specialist, Chief of Procurement, Head of Procuring Entity, Procurement Director, Procurement Specialist, Project Coordinator etc. He has experience of working with the World Bank Group Dhaka Office, Bangladesh as Procurement Consultant.

He looks forward to be a successful situational leader through developing fellows in the procurement and supply management arena. With firm determination, he is confident that he will achieve his ambitions, using all his energies and capabilities, to accomplish much for his country as a loving citizen and to provide advice based on his experiences to all of his colleagues, friends, peers and anyone who needs it eradication of fraud and corruption in public procurement. He has very keen interest to explore his expertise in global arena fostering sustainable procurement and reducing modern slavery.

Nurul has following educational certificates:  

  1. Doctor of Philosophy (BAU-Bangladesh)
  2. Chartered Procurement and Supply Professional (CIPS-UK)
  3. Member of Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (MCIPS) (CIPS-UK)
  4. Diploma in Public Procurement Management (ITC-ILO-Turin, Italy)
  5. Master in Procurement and Supply Management (Result yet to be published)
  6. Master of Business Administration (MBA) (BOU-Bangladesh)
  7. Master of Science (BAU-Bangladesh)
  8. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Honours)

Nurul has following certificate of honor:

  1. Arbitrator: Bangladesh International Arbitration Center (BIAC-Bangladesh)
  2. Mediator: Bangladesh International Arbitration Center (BIAC-Bangladesh)
  3. e-Government Procurement Practitioner: Central Procurement Technical Unit, Internal Monitoring Evaluation Division, Ministry of Planning)
  4. Innovator and Mediator: Access to Information (a2i) Project, Prime Minister Office, Bangladesh