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Almutlaq Basma

Head of the Information & Drug Security and Follow-up in the Directorate of medicines Procurement, Governmental Procurement Department (GPD) - Jordan

She was born in Jordan, she graduated from the University of Jordan in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree of Actuarial Sciences /statistics as one of the first university graduates.

She worked as a statistical analyst at the Department of Statistics for 3 years before moving to work in the Joint Procurement Department for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies and for 10 years as a statistical analyst and institutional development researcher. She participated in various planning and policy-making committees and local procurement committees in the department at the time, and due to her outstanding performance, she was awarded a national award at the level of the Kingdom, which is the award for the perfect employee in the civil service in 2017.

After the central procurement departments were merged in Jordan, she moved to work in the Governmental Procurement Department (GPD) as head of the Information &Drug Security and Follow-up in the Directorate of medicines Procurement.

She had a government trainer certificate (TOT) approved by the Institute of Public Administration to practice the training on the procurement law in Jordan.

Although that Basma has the basic knowledge and the experience in the procurement from her experiment in the local procurement committees, but the nature of her work in the field of studies and planning in the Government Procurement Department requires from her to understand the entire procurement system in details, since she cannot accomplish what she do of reading procurement data and analyzing it to find the outputs and results that are interpreted in scientific reports that evaluate the reality situation of the department’s basic work.  As a result of that analysis and doing reports, the problems and challenges which procurement faces will appear, so as her studies show the problems, it also presents the proposed solutions and recommendations to decision-makers and policy-makers.

Basma found that IMPPM a great opportunity and she looks in the future through it to be an expert in the field of public procurement so that she can contribute in the development & enhancement of the core function of her department & provide the right information and help her colleagues working in the field of public procurement to raise their efficiency according to international best practices.