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Zehri Azzouzi Rim

President of the National Observatory of Public Procurement in the Higher Authority of Public Procurement (HAICOP) - Presidency of the Government - Tunisia

I have 19 years of experience in public procurement at various levels of responsibilities, as a government official from High commission of public procurement in Tunisia as prior controller and auditor in public procurement for files of huge amounts which are within the competence of the high commission especially in the fields of technology hard and soft ware, electricity, electronics, international fluctuation goods, drugs, vaccins, etc... and for all types of procurement files as studies, goods, services and works. I was  member of evaluation committee of Tunisian procurement system in 2012 according to the international standards by using the OECD method in collaboration with the World Bank and the African Development Bank and member of a implementing team of the Tunisian procurement reform action plan since 2012  as a coordinator and Project manager of projects funded by the donors as  World Bank (didactic multimedia videos  for the e-procurement system, national strategy of training in public procurement,  public procurement standard documents guides and  tools,etc...) and by the African Development Bank for the modernization of the Tunisian procurement system ( trainings for all the stakeholders, modernization of Tunisian web portal of public procurement, capacity building for the public procurement controllers especially in auditing public procurement files, equipments, etc...) and financed by a “MENA Transition Fund Enhancing governance and economic growth in Tunisia: promoting transparency and integrity in public procurement”-which is processing (Integrated information system capacity building and certification for public controllers both in supply chain  and audit, quality management system, etc...). I am a member of the task force team which collaborated with Korean team to develop, test and process the use and generalization of the tunisian e-procurement system since 2011 to 2018 when it became mandatory in Tunisia.

I am the President of the National Observatory of Public Procurement  in the Higher  Authority of Public Procurement (HAICOP)-since 2014 in charge of : (1) formulating procurement strategies, regulations and producing procurement tools (bidding documents, guides, technical procurement notes), evaluating country procurement system and implementing public procurement reforms Agenda in Tunisia especially in 2019 as a coordinator of the MAPS II assessment of the Tunisian public procurement system, designing and delivering procurement training programs for all stakeholders  and (2) providing technical assistance to the public purchasers.(3) Giving information about public procurement performance as statistics and managing the national portal of public procurement.(4)I am also in charge of international cooperation with all the foreign partners even for public procurement best practices, fundings or for evaluation and modernization of the Tunisian public procurement system. (5) Active Member of the scientific Council of the International Academy of Good Governance since 2016. (6) I am certified as a trainer in public procurement by the National Observatory of public procurement since 2008 which conducted training actions since that date for the benefit of the managers of the various ministerial departments, public institutions and companies and local public authorities.

I was also  a Temporary teacher at the IHEC Carthage University of Tunis (Institut des Hautes Etudes commerciales)  from 2007 to 2011  in a Continuing Education Program for Students  (5th year level - IHEC Masters - evening classes- Module: Organization and  also a teacher in the National School of Public Finance in Tunisia.