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Radojčić Saša

Professional Advisor for Public Procurement Affairs, Bosnia and Herzegovina / Banja Luka branch.

I have worked as a state employee on the position of Professional advisor for public procurement affairs in The Office for processing complaints in public tenders of Bosnia and Herzegovina/Banja Luka branch.

My duties as Professional advisor are as follows:
- Conducting the most complex administrative affairs in second-degree administrative procedures regarding processing and completing legal cases by complaints based on various evidence materials.
- Providing analyses, reports, opinions and other professional and analytic materials based on corresponding data derived from personal domain of work during the making of periodical and yearly reports.
- Providing opinions and drafts on complaints, conclusions and decisions concerning Public procurement law of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
- As a Professional advisor for public procurement affairs, I directly report to Member of Collegium (if assigned) and President of the office for processing (tender) complaints of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

- University degree: Bachelor in economics (University of Business Studies)

-English, French, Bosnian