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Nasrashvili Maka

Head of cultural department of Tbilisi City Hall - Georgia

In 2009 I have completed my master’s degree in public law, where my thesis was directly related to public procurement. Since then I’ve been public servant for more than 12 years, working in multiple government organizations, and mostly busy with public procurement.
     My professional career in public administration started in Ministry of education and science of Georgia as a lawyer, during my work in ministry I Designed legal contracts with organizations as well as private individuals; Provided legal services and legal support for the Structural Sub-divisions; Prepare and developed relevant procurement contracts and acts.
   In 2015 I started to work   As a head of cultural department of Tbilisi City Hall I supervise all cultural infrastructural unit, which is responsible to build and reconstruct entities of significant cultural / historical heritage, Subordination and budgeting of 105 municipal units of various artistic organizations (Museums, art school, theaters, Tbilisi Media Center Union”, Municipal Ballet troupe and etc.)  coordinating Implementation of several municipal programs supported by the Department of Culture, including material, technical and infrastructural support.
University of Rome Tor Vergata is perfect fit for my requirements, due to a fact that you are directly concentrated on advancing knowledge of civil servants towards public procurement