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Ndiaye Cheikhna Hamallah

Special Advisor of the General Director, Authority of the Regulation of the Public Procurement - Senegal

Dr. Cheikhna Hamallah NDIAYE, Senegales born in 04/23/1974, Saint-Louis Senegal.

He is an Economist-Statistician, Practitioner and Researcher.

He holds a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Sciences and Technology (Applied Mathematics, Probability and Statistics) at the University of Gaston Berber ( Saint-Louis, Senegal) and a Master Degree in Economics Sciences and Management ( Applied Economics, Econometrics, Finance) at the University of Cheikh Anta Diop ( Dakar, Senegal). 

Over 15 years, he occupied higher positions (Technical Assistant, Technical Director, Technical Advisor of General Director or of Ministers of the Government) in the Senegalese public administration, in different sectors including Economics and Finances, Heath, Mines, Industry, Small and Medium Enterprises, Justice, Public Procurement.

Presently, Dr NDIAYE is the Special Advisor of the General Director of the Authority of the Regulation of the Public Procurement of Senegal, Responsible of the Evaluation of the Performance of the System of the Public Procurement (MAPS), and the support of the development of the enterprises in the Private Sector.