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Yakubjanov Ilkhom

Islamic Development Bank, Regional Hub of Almaty

I have a background education in Economics from Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration, and 10 years practical experience in administration and procurement of MDB financed projects. I attended trainings provided by ADB and World Bank in procurement, project administration, M&E and others.

I live in a country, which amongst others is trying to raise the sectors of economy through implementation of projects financed by international financial institutions (IFIs, such as WB, ADB, IsDB, KfW and others). In many cases, success of the project depends on the efficient use of funds provided, which is done through the procurement process following the guidelines of IFI. From the first day of my career till now I was involved in the implementation of such projects. Knowing the significance of impact of those projects to the economy of my country, I decided to devote my life to become a professional procurement specialist.

The experience gained over the years provided good sense of understanding on procurement procedures, planning and reporting (both technical and financial) based on IFI’s standards and guidelines. Familiar with IFI’s internal documents, actively used procurement guidelines in their latest editions. Provided procurement capacity building workshop to the government officials involved in implementation of the Housing for Integrated Rural Development Programme financed by ADB, project staff of Rhythm Plus Consulting Company and others.