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Grgic Ivana

Senior Assistant for Project Implementation, Ministry of Finance of Republika Srpska

I was born in 1983, in Gradiška, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I graduated in 2007, at theFaculty of Economy, University of Banjaluka. Ihave been workingfor11 years at theMinistry of Finance of Republika Srpska, andduring that period I participated in more than 150 projects in the public procurement stage and in the monitoring of the implementation stage for the Development Programme projects, funded from the Development Fund of the Republika Srpska, between 2007 and 2012. Those projects were infrastructure projects of regional importance.I participatedin the EIB and EU funded Project “Water Supply and Sanitation Projects in Republika Srpska“ as the Assistantof the Project Management Unit (from 2011 to January 2018) and as the Member of theProject Management Unit, from January 2018 to date.

In 2012 I also became a certified procurement trainer byEU-funded Project, (ITC-International Training Centre), “Training in Public Procurement in the Western Balkans and Turkey” –TOT. Since then I have also been working as a trainer of public procurementfor contracting authorities and economic operators from BiH,offering consults to contracting authorities and economic operators on all themes and issues related to the implementation of the Law on public procurement for BiH. I co-authored a book on public procurement and I have authored many articles in legal magazines covering public procurementand other specific individual publications.

I think that, based on what the overall programme and modules of IMPPM offer, it is really an outstanding opportunity for everyone dealing with the public procurementnot only to expand the knowledge of the best practices in public procurement, but also to observe the public procurement system from different perspectives with the final goal of seeing the whole picture. I am confident that this approach has influence and broadens the way of thinking in the future work of students who attend the programme. Apart fromthe multidisciplinary approach and great training capacity, Ifind international academic environment a big advantage of this programme as well,on account ofparticipants havinga chance to exchange their experiences, use the best practices from other countries, and possibly cooperate in the future.Finally, I would like to thank the EBRD and University of Tor Vergata for this great opportunity.