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Michal Garaj


Department of the Council of the Office, Office for Public Procurement, Slovakia

I graduated from Faculty of Law, Trnavian University in Trnava in 2011. I work at the Public Procurement Office since 2012, currently at the Department of the Council of the Public Procurement Office. During this period I have also worked at the Department of the Remedies. I currently act as Secretary of the Experts' Forum, which is an advisory body to the Chairman of the Office for Public Procurement. I am also a member of the Editorial board of the ÚVO revue – magazine of the Office for public procurement, in which I also publicized various articles about public procurement.
I like art, books (e.g. Burgess, Bradbury, Orwell, Alexijevic, Vilikovský…), films (especially European), music (e.g. Arcade fire, Bon Ivar, Sigur Ros, Longital, piano music…), sports (especially football and ice hockey) and much more.