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Zhdanov Ilia


I was born in 1889 in Russia. After graduating from Saratov State Technical University I moved to Moscow and worked a lot as a brand manager in private sector. My field of work was related with the network hardware, computer parts and then professional kitchen equipment for the restaurants. With this jobs, I got a good practice in international communications, with companies like Asus and Samsung with also a list of Italian manufacturers.
After that, I have jumped on the opportunity to work as an economist in a state-funded diagnostic center, which is my current job. Working in medicine and in a paid-service department really inspiring for me because it is the opportunity to make a difference in a life of patients, using my skills in procurement, to allow them to receive wide variety of services, unavailable to them another way .
Attending the IMPPM program at Tor Vergata University of Rome is giving me a chance to improve my skills in public procurement (especially in a part of the part of international law) in the most inspiring way, and also helps me to develop my professional career.