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Banovic Milena


Milena Banovic has primary education in the field of special education for disabled persons, while expertise in public financing and expertise in legal issues she has gained during her work in public administration for more than 13 years. Her professional background covers a wide range of responsibilities in the context of public administration, social policy, social inclusion, civil sector, cooperation of public administration and civil society organizations and their involvement in law drafting process.  Her professional career in public administration started in the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. She devoted her work to improving and implementation of transparent procedures of use of public funds by public administration and allocation of budget funds to civil society organizations (CSOs). During her work in the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, she worked on implementation and development of transparent procedures, standards, and planning mechanisms, fund awarding to civil society organizations and monitoring of their projects, as well as working on public policy and key strategic documents drafting.
In 2011 when the Government’s Office for Cooperation with Civil Society established, she started to work as the Head of the Department for Planning and Creating an Enabling Environment for Development of CSOs.
As the Head of this department, she was coordinating and implementing activities of promotion of the regulation on funding associations, aiming to increase transparency in providing and allocating the budget funds, as well as the practices of state institutions in terms of allocation of financial support to associations and other CSOs. Along with these activities, she was in charge of capacity building of public servants (republic, provincial and local level) for understanding of importance and implementation of transparent open call procedures. The other component of her work is creating enabling environment for work and developement of CSOs with focus to the process of creating and establishing accurate standards and procedures for including the CSO’s at all levels of decision making process and public policy implementation monitoring.