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Tarawneh Rehab


This IMPPM Master study discusses new topics in the procurement, an emerging field of study with direct positive impact on water services. The fact that schools and organizations in my home country lack expertise in this subject which makes this program an important and rare opportunity to introduce myself to one of the latest and high impact topics in the field of procurement. As the head of Tendering Department in the Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI), I have the required background to be an active participant in the program, engage in valuable discussions and exchange knowledge and experiences with my colleagues from
other countries. Also, I believe that this new knowledge will be vital to address critical challenges we face in my organization like the strategic tools for purchasing procedure, procurement law, and all relevant topics for goods procurement as mentioned in the flyer (as attached in the email sent to the
Secretary General Eng. Iyad Dahiyat and on the website of EBRD regarding this
program , and improve my work performance. I believe that MWI lacks specialized experience in this field. By joining this program, I hope to bring to my organization an updated knowledge to
address critical challenges in procurement issues.
Moreover, as a senior engineer at the (MWI), the knowledge that I will acquire from the program can have direct impact on future water-related public projects.
In addition to the all above I feel it deserves to experience such a challenge to success in this program under pressure of full time study with being a way from my family.
After I finish this program I hope I will be able to offer solutions to complex strategic, managerial and organizational problems in procurement. In addition, I will contribute in my institutional capacity
building through transferring this knowledge to my colleagues in the tendering and procurement affairs.