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Allocca Nicola

Autostrade per l'Italia

Senior executive with proven experience in various international Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) across the EU, UAE, Brazil, and China, specifically in Governance, Finance & Control functions; specialized in Risk Management, Anticorruption, Performance Improvement and Strategic Consulting; expert in transformation programs and change management.

Currently he holds the position of Risk, Business Integrity, Resilience & Quality Director at Autostrade per l’Italia. Additionally, serving as the Chair of the Business at OECD Anticorruption Committee, co-chair of the B20 Brazil “Integrity & Compliance” Task Force and member of the OECD Blue Dot Network Executive Consultation Group.

He holds an International MBA and is Professor of the “Responsible Business Conduct” course within the Economics and Management Master's program at the University of Rome Torvergata.

Throughout his career, he has demonstrated an exceptional ability to manage cross-cultural teams with diverse backgrounds, thriving in complex and dynamic contexts. His commitment to excellence and passion for fostering positive change underscore his professional journey.