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Residency Permit

Non-EU nationals must apply for a residency permit to stay in Italy for a period exceeding 3 months. If it is your first time living in Italy, you will have 8 days to apply for a residency permit.

When students go to the Italian post office to submit the request for the residency permit, they will be required to bring specific documents:

  • a valid passport or any other equivalent document bearing an entry visa, if required;
  • a photocopy of each page of your passport;
  • a copy of the admission letter to the Master Programme;
  • a € 16.00 electronic revenue stamp;
  • a written document that certifies that you are living in Italy*;
  • a copy of your medical insurance**;
  • a copy of any other document supporting your request for the type of residency permit you are applying for.

* This document is provided by CampusX or by your landlord.
** Before your arrival, you have to make sure to subscribe a medical insurance valid for Italy for the entire period of your studies in Rome (end of February - beginning of July).

The cost of the application fee for the residency permit should amount to €118.00 (€102.00 for the residency permit + €16.00 for the electronic revenue stamp). Payment may ONLY be made in CASH.

At the end of the procedure at the post office, non-EU students will receive a scheduled appointment with the immigration office. Please note that when students will go to the immigration office to obtain their residency permit they must also bring 4 recent and identical passport-size photos with a white background and a copy of every document listed above.

The application process requires time and patience; the Master Secretariat will be ready to help you!