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Pejaković Jasmina

Senior Advisor, Republic Commission for Protection of Rights in Public Procurement

My name is Jasmina Pejakovic. I was born in Vukovar, Croatia. In 2006 I graduated from the Belgrade University’s Faculty of Law. From April 2008 to June 2010 I have worked as Adviser at Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society, Government of the Republic of Serbia. From Jun 2010 to October 2013 I have worked as Independent Adviser at Ministry of Finance – Treasury Administration, Government of Republic of Serbia.
From 2013 I have been working as a Senior Adviser at Republic Commission for Protection of Rights in Public Procurement Procedures, at the Department for professional protection of rights in public procurement procedures. As Senior Advisor I work on preparing draft proposals and decisions of the Republic Commission, documents, data, professional explanations and opinions necessary for the decision of the Republic Commission, reports and legal positions regarding the implementation of regulations in the jurisdiction of the Republic Commission. In 2012 I passed the exam for Public Procurement Officer.
For me, IMPPM master is opportunity to exchange experience with specialists from other countries and different backgrounds, but at the same time to broaden my knowledge on procurement rules and procedures other than national public procurement rules.