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Krajčovičová Zuzana

Director, Division of the Council of the Office for Public Procurement

Zuzana Krajčovičová
Director of the Division of the Council of the Office, Office for Public Procurement, Slovakia

I graduated from Matej Bel University Law School in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. Since 2005 I work at the Office for Public Procurement in Slovakia, currently as a director of the Council´s office, Office for Public Procurement, Slovakia. During this period I have also worked at the Division of Methodology, providing methodological support to contracting authorities and tenderers, Legal Division, where I participated on various types of legal agenda and for almost five years I was a director of the Division preparing decisions on requests for review.
I participate on lecturing activities and seminars organized by the Office dealing with different topics connected with this issue, e. g. public procurement legislation and case studies in public procurement.