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Jakovac Josip

Head of department for Legal Affairs, Public Procurement Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Josip Jakovac- Public Procurement Agency of Bosnia-Herzegovina

I was born and raised in Bihac, Bosnia-Herzegovina (BaH), currently living in Mostar, BaH. I am a lawyer, graduated from the University of Mostar 2001, working in public procurement for almost 8 years, in the Public Procurement Agency of BaH (PPA), first as a senior adviser for legislation and later on getting promoted to a head of department for legal affairs. Before becoming public procurement person, I was employed in the City of Mostar administration, mostly in charge of various projects aiming to improve the business environment in the Mostar region with partners like the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, USAID, GTZ, etc. and international cooperation in general.
In PPA my duties are drafting PPL and related bylaws, providing technical assistance and delivering advisory opinions to contracting authorities and bidders in relation to regular application of PPL, meetings with contracting authorities and bidders in relation to regular application of PPL, transposition of EU Public procurement legislation into legal system of BiH, work related to public procurement projects (like Strengthening Public Procurement System in BaH and Training in Public Procurement in the Western Balkans and Turkey), monitoring of public procurement  procedures, preventing corruption in PPA, translation coordination in PPA for EU PP Directives (in cooperation with Directorate for European integration of BaH).
I was a member of the working group that drafted a new Public procurement law of BaH 2014 and most of 25 bylaws some of which I drafted myself. I am also a trainer of trainers of public procurement in the Western Balkans and Turkey and trainer of public procurement with more than 80 trainings held for contracting authorities and bidders, covering all fields of public procurement; such trainings were organized both by leading consulting companies in BaH whose core business is public procurement consultancy and Bosnian government. I co-authored 4 books on public procurement and I have authored many articles in legal magazines covering public procurement.
I am delighted to be an IMPPM student at the Tor Vergata University and I am looking forward to broaden my knowledge in the field of public procurement, especially in economics, strategy, organizational aspects of this subject as well as anti-corruption in public procurement.