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Idrizaj Matilda

Lawyer, Commissioner of the Oversight for the Civil Service

I was born on 15.08.1986 in Tirana, the capital of Albania. My small family, my mother and my brother, have been always my epicenter, my source of endless dreams and vision, and efforts towards the knowledge and education. My childhood has been a colorful paint, filled with love, laughs, different games and school excursion. Furthermore, during all this time I have read so many books and painted many pictures.
Although mathematics, genetics and chemistry were my inseparable friends during my high school and Olympic Tournament, I decided to follow the Faculty of Law at the University of Tirana as a Lawyer in 2009. After I finished the university, I started working in a legal firm, first as an Assistant Attorney and after I got the Attorney License by the National Chamber of Advocacy of Albania, I worked as a proper Attorney in that firm for 5 years.
Having the desire for more knowledge, especially in the economic field, I enrolled in a Master in Public Administration at the University of Tirana. This master served as a good departure because after competing for the Inspector position at the Commissioner of the Oversight for the Civil Service, I was selected as a winner.
Now I am attending this master that I believe it will be my most beautiful and worth experience that it will remain unforgettable for many years.