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Amutenya Ester

Procurement Officer, Eenhana Vocational Training Centre

My Name is Ester Amutenya  and I am from Namibia.I am a holder of a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Business Administration obtained from Polytechnic of Namibia year 2010. I am currently working as a procurement officer at Namibia Training Authority with duty station being (Eenhana Vocational Training Centre). My duties include negotiating best purchasing packages, managing supplier contracts and preparing purchase orders. I am responsible for purchasing stuff like, building materials, tools/ equipment, protective clothing,stationeries and minor assets basically everything that is needed for training to prosper. Before joining Namibia Training Authority, I have worked as a field interviewer for a research company based in Windhoek Namibia
whereby   my duty was to go out in the field and interview residents
from different towns about any products being sold in Namibia. This has increased my communication skills; interpersonal skills as well my confidence as we were dealing with people from different cultures and backgrounds. I am positive that with the IMPP it will enhance my procurement skills so I become a public procurement expert and help.
Even though I have attended numerous Workshops/Seminars related to procurement, I would still want to improve my ability to Interpret and utilize competitive supply strategies, competently assess potential suppliers, decrease company costs while improving product quality, be an expert in public procurement an  that’s why I have enrolled for the IMPPM.