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Al Soub Rua Ahmad

Project Manager, Water Autority of Jordan

Projects Manager in Supervision and Technical Support Directorate, Water Authority of Jordan
My name is Ru’a AlSoub from Jordan. I was born in 16 August 1987.

I am a projects Manager in Supervision and Technical Support Directorate.
I was project manager in F. B. Group from February 17th, 2010, to August 31st, 2013.
And during these years I was working in these projects:
1. Consultancy Services for the sewer networks of highlands/south catchment of south Amman project
2. Construction, procurement and commissioning for the sewer network of highland Marj AlHamam / Amman
3. Construct East Jerash Wastewater Treatment Plant
4. Construction, procurement and commissioning for the water network of Karak city.
5. TeWaRON 1, 2 and 3
6. Solar Systems for Tabouk University in KSA.
Before that I was working with F. B. Group in different positions as:
1. Contract and Proposal engineer
2. Sales Account Manager
3. System Engineer

From above positions I have gained some experience in the field of public procurement management.
During this period, I attended the meetings meetings of committees of public procurement and recruitment committees to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations in force. Also, I was predisposed to provide any advice to government managers on various aspects of management.
I graduated in engineering “Electrical / Communication Engineer” (2010) from Mutah University in Jordan.