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Wortmann Daniela

Senior Procurement Compliance Officer, European Investment Bank (EIB)

My name is Daniela Wortmann and I work at the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg.

Originally I come from Germany and I hold a master degree in Economics from the University of Trier, Germany. Before starting in the European Investment Bank in 2002, I have worked in Luxembourg at the DekaBank (fundmanager) as well as at Arthur Andersen (consultancy company).

At the EIB I have been in contact with procurement from two different angles: as budget officer involved in drafting terms of reference and initiating procurement procedures and then since 2013 from the Compliance side where I give advice and monitor compliance with the Procurement Rules of the Bank’s Purchases for its own account.

The motivation to participate in this Master is to receive a comprehensive oversight of the multidisciplinary fields related to Public Procurement. My acquired knowledge will help me with my work in the procurement field of my institution.