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Omanović Šejla

Senior Advisor, Public Procurement Review Body of Bosnia and Herzegovina

I am currently working as Senior Advisor at Public Procurement Review Body of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I graduated from the Faculty of Law at University of Sarajevo. During my six years of professional experience in public procurement I was working on providing professional advice, support  in the most complex legal matters in the second instance administrative procedure for processing the subject of the appeal on the basis of different means of proof, and that concern the implementation  of the Public Procurement Law.  I am in charge of the preparation of  decisions on appeals, conclusions and solutions that are in connection with the provisions of the Public Procurement Law. I wrote and published many professional articles of legal protection in public procurement.
In 2012 I became a certified procurement trainer by  EU-Funded Project, (ITC-International Training Centre), “Training in Public Procurement in the Western Balkans and Turkey” – TOT.
In  2013 I became a leading consultant of the Chairperson (PRB) for project"EU-funded project Strengthening Public Procurement System in Bosnia and Herzegovina".
It is my honor and pleasure to be a part of this Master Program, which is organized on a high quality level and can only improve my existing knowledge of public procurement.