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Mirković Bojan

Electrical and Telemetry Engineer, Srbijagas

I have completed my studies at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia. At the Department of Power, Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering I have gained my Master degree in field of Power Electronic and Electrical Machines.
I work in the JP “SRBIJAGAS“, Public Enterprise for Natural Gas Transmission, Storage, Distribution and Trade. Thanks to my current position within the Sector for Technical Support, as an Electrical and Telemetry Engineer, I’ve upgraded my knowledge of technical aspects of all the electrical equipment necessary for metering and regulation of natural gas transportation, distribution and storing.
After five years of work experience I’m able to participate in public procurements as a technical expert, since my understanding of the equipment, technology and processes related to the metering and regulation of natural gas transportation and distribution is deep and abundant. However, I’m aware that gaining new management, law and economic knowledge is crucial to further improvement of my capacities as a participant in public procurements.
Therefore, my expectations are that, thanks to the IMPPM Programme, I’m going to obtain new skills and deliver more efficiency in the public procurements I’m involved into. By gaining new knowledge of the EU laws and regulations regarding this specific field, general economy principles and practices as well as contemporary management strategies, I’m going to be able to contribute more to the future business success of my employer.