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Knežević Goran

Chief of Public Procurement Planning, Airport AD Nikola Tesla Belgrade, Department of Public Procurement

I was born in 1972 in Belgrade, Serbia. I graduated in 1997 in Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, stream of Industrial Management. Also, I have done Master in field of Project Management and Investments, Belgrade University of Organizational Sciences, in 2010.

I’ve been working twelve years in private companies, out of which ten years in industrial company. This include extensive experience in leadership ranging from commercial sector, procurement and sales department, throughout position of technical manager up to executive director in company which is leader in region in production of yeast and ethyl-alcohol. I am very familiar with industrial equipment and all phases in batch and flow production processes and optimization, including planning, controlling and reporting.

Procurement processes are followed through all of my working experience, especially while handling several different and complex projects, such as:
• Launching and developing new products based on ethyl-alcohol in 2006,
• Implementation of new dry yeast production line in 2007,
• Participation in acquisition process in 2008,
• Integration of Electronic monitoring system for the Ministry of Justice in 2010, and others.
In some of these projects I was in position to require procurement as private company from other private companies. In another, I was handling the project in which my company was the supplier of the equipment for the Ministry of Justice, following the tender procedure.

Following my ambition to work in strong public company, in which I could implement all previous commercial and managerial experience, I started working in 2014 in public company Airport AD Nikola Tesla Belgrade, department of Public Procurement, on position Chief of Public Procurement Planning.

The key to my growth is to continually have a challenge to face and overcome. My goal in any position is to help build an efficient process that returns high quality and expands the abilities of the company, my co-workers, and myself.

I really expect from this PPM International Master to take the knowledge and good practice in order ro transfer it to my company and to my country, as well as to try to lead the change management towards better enhancements in all aspects related to procurement. Furthermore, my personal ambition and wish is to make strong new network of contacts in this master, which will help me in my future career, both in professional and friendship basis.

Finally, I would like to thank the EBRD bank, Italian government and University of Tor Vergata for this great opportunity.