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Cvijić Željko

Major, Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia, Supply Department

I am major Željko Cvijić and I work in the Supply Department at the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia. My work position is the chief of a group for public procurements.
Since the Ministry of Defence is a very large system and that the significant financial, material and human resources are included in every procurement cycle, there are many problems to deal with and to solve.
I am sure that the knowledge gained by the IMPPM will significantly contribute to solving some of these problems.
This is a great opportunity to learn new things from the experts in the field of public procurement and to exchange experiences with colleagues from the other countries as well as to get a comprehensive view on the public procurement. I hope I will be able to apply the new knowledge in my further work and transfer it to my colleagues in order to improve the public procurement system at the Ministry of Defence. Also, it is always good to meet new and interesting people and make new friendships.