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Škatarić Sandra

Montenegro-Public Procurement Agency

Currently I am the Head of Sector for professional development, training and International cooperation in the Public Procurement Authority of Montenegro. As the Head of Sector in the Public Procurement Authority I am responsible for International cooperation with international institutions and experts in the area of European Integration projects and coordination of reporting in the area of European integration and public procurement. Member of the Working Group for preparation of negotiations for the EU accession of Montenegro for the area of acquis communautaire referring the negotiation Chapter 23 – judicature and fundamental rights. Member of the Working Group for preparation of negotiations for the EU accession of Montenegro for the area of acquis communautaire referring to negotiation Chapter 5 Public Procurement. Coordinator of the Sub-group for the area of utility services within the Working Group for the public procurement area. Member of the Coordinating body for monitoring implementation of the Strategy for the public procurement field for the period 2011-2015. Also, on behalf of PPA I am appointed as a National IPA Project Coordinator for IPA project. I have been working as an member of working group (Deputy Secretary of the Working Group), which prepared the answers for Questionnaire of the European Commission - Information requested by the European Commission to the Government of Montenegro for the preparation of the Opinion on the application of Montenegro for membership of the European Union. As the Member of the Working Group responsible for development of the new draft of the Public Procurement Law (since October 2010), I am included in work on the harmonizing of  national legislation of Montenegro in the field of public procurement, especially in the utilities sector, with EU legislation and practice. I am responsible for advising, developing and implementing strategic activities in accordance with the mission of the Public Procurement Directorate, supervising and proficiently conducting the management - Conferences and Events, Information services, Security and Outreach activities. My responsibilities include also the overall coordination and management of the planning and reporting cycle, elaboration of work programmes, monthly, quarterly and annual activity. My educational background is in the areas of International Economic Relations and European Integration . My master thesis, was in preparation phase, and includes the approach of Montenegro for the integration into the EC Internal Market – public procurement field. Through the publications “Public procurement system of Montenegro (general principles)”, financed by OSCE mission in Montenegro, I was one of the authors and my aim is to analyze aspects of European policies in public procurement field and the importance for the economic transformation and adaptation to EU membership. Working in all this activities required a very high level of professionalism, interpersonal and communication skills, dealing with confidential information, pro-activeness, determination and commitment, understanding and adaptability to international, multicultural and multidisciplinary environment. Working under pressure and with tight deadlines has always been part of my professional environment.