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Shuaib Ghada

Lebanon-Rafik Hariri University Hospital of Beirut

I graduated from the American University of Beirut in 1992 with a bachelor degree in Nursing and in 1994 with a master degree in Public Health/area of concentration: Heath services administration. I started my work experience in 1995 when I started to work as Assistant Head of Billing and Collection Department in a private hospital. After one year I got the opportunity to start a career as Head of  Infection Control  Division at the same hospital for some years and later at the biggest governmental university hospital in Lebanon: Rafik Hariri University Hospital where I still work till present. It is  a career that depends on paramedical knowledge and management skills where the education I’ve got in my BS and Master fit perfectly. Part of my job in infection control involves management of antiseptics and disinfectants starting from their purchasing ending in monitoring and control of their proper usage. I feel so happy to get the opportunity to pursue a Master degree in procurement Management at one of the most important research universities in Italy: University of Rome Tor Vergata, since this master will enhance my educational background in management and gain the proper knowledge in procurement management which constitute an important  part of my career.