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Declaration of Value or Certificate of Comparability

Declaration of Value

The Declaration of Value (DV) is an official document that provides a short description of academic or professional qualifications that have been awarded to a specific person by an institution belonging to an educational system other than the Italian one.

Candidates can apply to the IMPPM programme without a DV, however, presenting the DV is a necessary part of the enrolment process and accepted candidates must submit this certification to the Master Secretariat in order to enrol as a student in the IMPPM programme.

Applicants who have received their acceptance letter from the University should immediately begin the process to obtain a DV. A scanned copy should be sent to the Master Secretariat as soon as possible and the original DV certificate must be submitted to the Master Secretariat upon students arrival in Rome.

The Declaration of Value is a certification that is issued in Italian by the Italian diplomatic authorities located in the country where the qualification was awarded. Each diplomatic authority follows different procedures, in any case the declaration MUST indicate the years of schooling, the official translation of the qualification into Italian and the legalization of the Embassy / Consulate of Italy in the country in which it has been awarded. We encourage candidates to contact the relevant Italian diplomatic authority for specific indications regarding the correct process to follow.

Certificate of Comparability

As an alternative to the Declaration of Value, students can submit a Certificate of Comparability issued by CIMEA:

To access the service candidates must register on Registration is free. (Please note that you need to put a check in the box close to the Italian sentence "non sono un robot" to complete the registration).

All the information regarding costs, service timeliness, required documentation (which depends on the country where the degree was awarded) and short guides can be found on CIMEA website.