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Saadeh Aline

Tender and Contract Manager at the Office of The Minister of State for Administrative Reform

I am Working as Tender and Contract Manager (UNDP contract) at the Office of The Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR).
The mission of OMSAR is to enhance and develop institutional and technical capacities of the  Lebanese  public sector in the field of administrative reform. OMSAR is working with various international institutions and donors to adhere and implement the strategy  of reform and development,  and to modernize the Lebanese public sector.
I had the chance to acquire and develop my expertise through working with the Procurement Unit at OMSAR, where the  successful achievements in the field of reform and the good reputation of OMSAR in implementing international best practices during procurement processes, led to the continuous support  of different donors (EU, AF, UN, WB, etc….) to the strategies and program that OMSAR is implanting in the Public Sector.
I am attending this program, having the following educational and experience background:
- Holder of a DEA (Diplôme d'Études Approfondies) in Political and Administrative Sciences,
- Currently preparing a PhD thesis in “Ethics and Policies During Public Procurement Management - The Experience of OMSAR”
I also have more than (12) years of general experience in the Lebanese public sector, and (7) years of specific experience in Public Procurement (since 2007).
I have attended several training workshops and seminars related to Public Procurement, and I’ve earned several certificates related to the Public Procurement Management (Strategic Management in Public Procurement from CIPS, E-Learning Public Procurement: Policy, Strategy & Reform organized IDLO, ext..).
Functions and responsibilities of the procurement officials at OMSAR is characterized by managing  different procurement operations and transactions in conformity with international donors’ regulations and procedures such as EU and WB and of course  with respect to the Lebanese rules and regulations. Here lies my interest in attending the International Public Procurement Management Program, it will  allow me to improve my knowledge, skills and attitude through analyzing the indispensable ethics and rules required during public procurement process and to go into  the international best practices applicable in public procurement. 
Furthermore, participating in the IMPPM will enrich my knowledge, my personnel skills and expertise and will create a solid reference that I can use in elaborating my PhD thesis.
I trust that, participating in this program can add values to my career in public procurement and can be a valuable experience, moreover it will be a great achievement and will have a positive impact on my work in the Lebanese Public Sector.