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Jeremic Marko

Serbian Railways- Infrastructure Directorate

I was born on January 14, 1977, in Republic of Serbia. I graduated from the Faculty of Traffic and Transportation- Department for Railway Transport - University of Belgrade, Serbia.

I joined Serbian Railways in 2004 and have changed several positions in Department for traffic operations in Infrastructure Directorate. Currently, my position is Assistant Director in Infrastructure Directorate.

My whole professional carrier was oriented to:
- organizing and traffic regulation 

- calculation of TAC for the IM, preparing Network Statement, restructuring of railway companies

- participation in defining of strategy and organization in the field of infrastructure, planning and managing of projects in support of enactment of strategic decisions in the field of infrastructure

- participation in defining of procedures and organizational solutions to ensure efficient implementation of R&D projects in the field of infrastructure

- preparation and implementation of international projects  funded by loans and grants from international financial institutions and funds  as well as foreign governments 

I wish to enhance my previous experience in working on EBRD projects, in particular having in mind my current work position with Serbian Railways i.e. the final beneficiary of the loan proceeds. Furthermore, having in mind that in addition to my engineering work, I also take part in the activities connected to procurement under the EBRD procedures, this Master programme would be of great importance in terms of multidisciplinary approach to procurement whereby I would cover the entire process and thereby optimize it.